Parents, please read the letter below. We also encourage you to download a hard copy.



Thank you for registering your student for Discovery 22! We look forward to the weekend and hope your student is as excited to come as we are about having him/her. More detailed information regarding the weekend will be provided in the weeks to come; however, we wanted to make sure you were aware of some important Discovery information.

Middle School Students

Discovery Weekend is geared to minister to our middle school students. High school students will provide talks in large group sessions and lead discussions in their small groups (Disciple Groups). This is a weekend that has proven vital in our students’ walks with Christ, relationships with others, and time at Riverchase. Discovery begins on Friday night and ends on Sunday afternoon.

Middle school students will sleep at the church during the weekend. They will be separated by gender and will be assigned to a room in the church where multiple adults will be supervising. Middle school students will be taken to the YMCA on Saturday and Sunday mornings for showers. All meals, drinks, and snacks will be provided throughout the weekend. Please DO NOT send or let your child bring candy, drinks or food unless they have special dietary needs (ie – gluten free).

Your child will need a Bible, journal, pen/pencil, toiletries, a swimsuit (for the public shower), towel(s), a pillow & sleeping bag, and comfortable clothes for inside and outside activities. Students are not allowed to bring cell phones.

Please also know that Discovery is open to everyone & friends are welcome to attend. In fact, every middle school student who has 5 friends register for Discovery will receive a free sweatshirt. (Have friends indicate they are a visitor during registration; they will be prompted to provide a name of who invited them.) Additionally, each week we will add the names of all of our registered students to a raffle for a weekly gift card drawn on our Instagram (@rsm_students). We will also have a $500 value grand prize drawing during Discovery Weekend. The earlier your student registers, the more times their name will be entered to win the weekly and the grand prizes. Invite your friends today!

High School Students

High school students have a very important role during Discovery. They will lead small group discussions with the middle schoolers, ministering to them and serving as examples to them throughout the weekend. Discovery runs Friday afternoon – Sunday afternoon for high school students.

High school students will stay at approved host homes, and for safety reasons, are not allowed to drive to these host homes during the weekend (transportation will be provided). Students will need to turn in their keys upon their arrival to Discovery Weekend.

High schoolers need to pack clothes for inside and outside activities, toiletries, Bible, journal, and pen/pencil. Linens and towels will be provided by host homes. They are also encouraged to bring a backpack to keep their belongings in during the sessions.

All meals, drinks, and snacks will be provided throughout the weekend. Please DO NOT send or let your child bring candy, drinks or food unless they have special dietary needs (ie – gluten free).

Sunday Afternoon Parent Prayer Service

In years past, the Prayer Service has taken place on Saturday Night. We now end Discovery Weekend with the Prayer Service on Sunday afternoon at 1:30. We believe the best way for your student to end the weekend is to have his/her parents and loved ones join in a time of prayer. Each middle school student will be called individually for a time of prayer with their loved ones. High school parents are welcome to attend as well. After the service concludes, students are dismissed for the weekend. This service will be an incredibly important moment for your student and for the weekend as a whole. Please be in the Sanctuary by 1:30 on Sunday afternoon to begin a time of prayer and wrap up of this incredible weekend.


On the Sunday morning of Discovery, students receive letters of encouragement/love from family, friends, valued adults and fellow students. Receiving these letters is often a surprise to the students, especially the middle schoolers. Please collect at least eight of these for your child. These letters are meant to be signs of love and affirmation from your child’s loved ones and expressions of love and God’s love for your child. Ask grandparents, siblings, relatives, close friends, coaches, teachers etc., to write letters.

You are welcome and encouraged to bring your letters to church before Wednesday, February 2nd. Please drop off the letters at the receptionist’s desk in the Education Building. After that Wednesday, letters will be collected at Friday night drop-off and throughout the weekend in bins in the Narthex. We require that all letters be turned in NO LATER than 6:30 pm Saturday evening, February 5. Please bundle letters (by rubber band or ziploc bag) and include the child’s First Name, Last Name, gender and grade CLEARLY on the outside of each envelope. Please remember that it can be very discouraging if a student does not receive any letters.

Sunday Contemporary Service & First Time Baptisms

All Discovery participants will attend RUMC’s Contemporary Service at 11 am in the gym. One of our high school students will be speaking, and our band from the weekend will play. Parents are welcome to join; it’s a great chance to get a little insight into the weekend.

If your child has never been baptized, there will be an opportunity for first time baptisms during this Contemporary Service. Please discuss your feelings about baptism prior to the weekend. If your child would like to be baptized, please contact us immediately. If your child makes this decision over the weekend, we will contact you. If you have any questions regarding baptisms or this service, please contact Taylor Sallade – 601 606 2432.

We cannot wait for Discovery to be here! If you have any questions, feel free to email or contact Taylor Sallade.

God Bless,
The Discovery Team

Taylor Sallade
Leigh Dees
Wes Holley
Lee Hood
Rebecca Horn
Jeff Huerkamp