DISCOVERY WEEKEND 2024 – February 2-4

Discovery is a middle school event led by our high school students. The weekend includes a great band, awesome talks by our high school seniors, fun games, and so much more! We guarantee a weekend your student won’t forget. We can’t wait to see all that God has in store for the weekend!

Discovery is open to everyone, and we can’t wait to celebrate our favorite weekend of the year. Register today! Follow our socials for updates for the weekend!

Things to know as you register:

  • Discovery Weekend 2024 is February 2-4 at Riverchase United Methodist Church.
  • The cost to register will increase closer to time so sign-up as soon as possible!
  • Middle School students will sleep at the church.
  • High School students will stay at host homes (let us know if you want to host some students)!
  • There is a Parent Prayer Service the Saturday night of the weekend that all parents are encouraged to attend.
  • Each student will receive letters from friends and family on the last day. We ask you have at least 5 letters for your student!
  • A Parent Letter will be sent a month out to all who have registered with all the other information needed!

Here’s a glimpse of the weekend  


STEP 1 – Fill out Liability Release
RUMC must have a liability form for 2024 on every student attending. Please fill out the form and then return to this page to register your student.
2024 Liability Release

STEP 2 – Fill out Registration
You should receive an email as confirmation of completing the registration form, if you do not receive one check your spam folder. Your registration will only be complete after payment has been received.

Middle School High School

STEP 3 – Read the Parent Letter
Parents, please read over the entirety of the parent letter, as it contains very important information about the weekend. You will receive a link to this letter in your email after completing registration. You will also receive a hard copy of the letter in the mail prior to the weekend.
Parent Letter


Not a student? Looking to have a huge impact on our students? We need volunteers to serve in all kinds of capacities at Discovery Weekend. Please sign up to help today!

Sign Up to Volunteer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I help with Discovery Weekend?

    We have three major ways you can help with Discovery. Firstly, check out the our opportunities for roles we need filled over the weekend. Most of them are only an hour commitment. Secondly, you can donate to the Discovery Weekend general fund or donate a Discovery scholarship. Lastly, invite friends to Discovery. Text them, call them, invite them in person! Invite friends to our Facebook event and share our content on social media. You can reach people in a way that we can’t!

    Sign Up to Volunteer

  • What’s the deal with phones?

    Middle schoolers will leave their phones at home during the weekend in order to eliminate that distraction. Trust us, they won’t miss them! Adults will have their phones if your student should ever need to reach you. High schoolers are permitted to have their phones, but if misused, they will be taken by their Discovery Group Leader.

  • I can’t be there the whole time. Who do I tell?

    Let us know on your registration. If you found out after registration, no sweat! Email us at Remember, high schoolers are only permitted one check out.