The Eighth Grade Council

At RSM we are always striving to make things different and better. One thing that has become clear to us over the past few months is that the Middle School program needs an identity of its own. RSM has had a High School leadership team for years now but there has been no leadership team for our Middle School program. To fix this we are starting the RSM Eighth Grade Council. The council will be a group of eighth grade students who will work as a Middle School leadership team and meet to help plan events and activities for the Middle School program.

To be on the Eighth Grade Council you must be in the eighth grade and turn in an application. Please turn in your application to your small group leader or bible study teacher. Applications are due by no later than Wednesday, December 12th. The Council will meet for the first time in January 2019. Thank you, and we can’t wait to get this team started!

You can pick up an application from the RSM office or download one here!