RSM Ski Lodge Christmas

This year, we are going back to the Pelham Civic Center to ice skate! The theme is “Ski Lodge,” so we are asking everyone to dress up like they are going snow skiing (we will send out pictures of outfit ideas). The deadline to signup for this event and receive a T-shirt is this Friday,…
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Confirmation – The Holy Spirit

So, for the past few weeks, we have been discussing the Holy Spirit in Confirmation. If you missed our hot wheels race, I am so sorry! Maybe, we can do it again next semester as a reminder! Some key points about the Holy Spirit are: The Spirit is the third person of the Trinity, the…
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Finding Joy in Chaos

  As we approach the end of this most unique year, I have found myself asking one question over and over again: How do I find joy in the midst of all of this? Every day in the news, I read tragic stories of loved ones who have been lost to the disease, or I…
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Episode 13 – Guilt

In this episode, Woody and Scott talk about guilt. We have all felt it. Now, what do we do about it? Tune in and listen.