Confirmation Retreat 2018 Recap

When I was in the fifth grade I went through confirmation at a small United Methodist Church. There were about ten students in the class, and I remember very little of what we were taught. If I had to recall something, I would tell you that we probably learned about John Wesley, and that we attended a lock-in at the church. Remembering my confirmation experience makes me happy for our sixth graders here at RSM. At Riverchase we have two incredibly dedicated confirmation teachers, as well as dozens of other adult volunteers, college students, and high schoolers who help and care about our sixth grade students.

This past Sunday we got back from our 2018 confirmation retreat that was held at Shocco Springs retreat center in Talladega. On the trip we had 57 sixth grade students, as well as adult volunteers, college students, and high school chaperones. It was an incredible weekend filled with team cheers, games, skits, dancing, and worship. For many students, confirmation retreat is the beginning of many things. It might be the beginning of their time at RSM, or even the beginning of their relationship with Jesus. The theme of the retreat is “Grow,” and we hope that confirmation retreat is a place that students can start to plug into our program,  grow in their relationships with others, and grow their relationship with God.   

To see more from our confirmation retreat you can watch the highlight video here, or you can view pictures from the trip at our Facebook page here.